Thursday, July 14, 2011

Customer Gallery

Yesterday I shared with our facebook friends a new customer gallery submission by the ever talented Helen Fountain. Helen's work has always impressed me with her gorgeous colour and design sense. I apologize to those on facebook for the double post!

Here are two of the images Helen sent in - you can find more here.

We would love to showcase your work as well. We do have a couple little rules for you to follow though. :-)

1) A goodly portion of the beads and or materials should be from beadFX.  In the example above, the focal is obviously not from us, but all of the seedbeads are.   Art beads/jewelry made from metal clay, wire etc is also ok to showcase.

2) Please ensure the pictures are of decent quality (clear, bright, non blurry) Keep them big, I can always edit it down to fit our needs.

If you would like to share your work for all to see - please send in your images, a story, and anything else you'd like to share to with the subject line Gallery Submission

Also, please allow a week or so for your creations to posted.

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