Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay - Carbon, Part 2

I was off camping this weekend. What lovely weather. Campfires at night got me thinking about firing metal clay and coal carbon. When it comes to metal clay and carbon, I still don't feel like I know as much as I want.

There are several types on the market and they are not all the same and you need to choose carefully for the type of metal clay you are using.

Here are the types on the market:

Coal “Rainbow” carbon media – claimed to create “rainbow” like patinas on the metals. fired in this media. It is said that the ability for the carbon to do this lasts only 10 firings. Also the rainbow patina may not be permanent. Cannot be used with CopprClay!

Coconut carbon media- most versatile (in my opinion) Can be used with Copper, Bronze both Fast Fire and Original.

Magic carbon media – a product exclusively sold by Cool Tools – unsure what it actually is. It is supposed to work with all metal clays!?? The description of this carbon indicates that this carbon allows a short hold time (2 hours). Both copper and bronze come out with an antiqued patina after firing in this media. They also indicated that there is no need to burn out the binder of the silver clay before firing. Curious stuff…I think I might have to give it a try.

Good Luck.

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