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Friday, February 04, 2011

Inspiration Friday

With a new year, how about we make a few little changes to our Inspiration Friday posts? This year, you pick your inspiration reference! There are lots of places to find inspiration. Photo's, magazines, fabric, nature, patterns, textures...Have a really good look at the little things around you, and make something - anything at all. The whole point is to get you out of your comfort zone, and experiment with new beads, materials, found objects, ephemera - anything you can find!

We'd love to see what you come up with. Send us a picture of your new creation, along with a pic, or description of your inspiration reference.  Send it to with the subject line "Inspiration Friday"

If you have a personal blog, or etsy/artfire/bigcartel type site - send us a link to that as well!

Personally, I don't have anything for you this week - I've spent my creative time trying to clean up the studio. Another day or two, and I should be able to find all of my beads and tools :-)  That, and I was about to start soldering some projects, and realized I must have left my soldering board  at beadfx last time I was there. I keep all of my traveling tools in one box, and always put them back in that box so that when I do travel to teach a class - I don't have to spend a week finding all of my tools. Everything was there except for my soldering boards - oh well....

We were sent a picture that I'm planning on putting up in the gallery - I thought I'd show the tree off here as well. Awesome!

If you ever think of making a tree - Farhana shared a link with us. While Farhana did not follow the instructions here, and has been making trees for a while - She does recommend this link as a good place to start:

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