Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cleaning the studio

As usual, my studio has fallen into complete, and utter disarray.  I've spent the last couple of months not feeling my best - and only going into the studio to complete a project. As such - I can barely walk down there now...Having your studio in the same place as the family 'storage' zone isn't necessarily the greatest spot. 

I think part of the reason for my lack of inspiration lately is quite simply an inability to find 'anything' - So today, I'm clearing it up a wee bit in between working on a few new resin projects.

In the past, I've tried blogging about my New Years Studio cleanup projects - all have failed dismally. My goal for this year is to have it tidy enough so that I can actually walk (without tripping over something) to my various areas. I've got a metal clay table, a silversmithing bench, my beading/computer desk, and my lampwork area. None of which are currently easily accessible.  There will be no pics, as I doubt I will ever have it tidy enough to show off :-)

Off to clean some more - and planning more projects for you for my Thursday posts, as soon as the studio is cleared of death traps!

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