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Monday, February 28, 2011

Back from a week off

I'm back from a week off - I "went dark" - left the computer behind - didn't check my email - stayed off Facebook. Went and immersed myself in my other life - the one with all the dogs in it. Sooooo - what have I got for you this week?

uuuuuh. I have some great stories - not necessarily relevant or particularly politically correct.

I could talk about aging parents and the responsibility that brings. Or the fear that in seeing them, you are looking into a mirror across time - seeing your own future and wondering how to turn part of it aside. Or the puzzle presented by seeing some much older folks who seem vital and alert and on the ball, and others that has slowly slid into a child-like state. The fear of growing old and feeble and having your memories slip away. I can't even find my *&@$# car keys and I had them 20 minutes ago!

I could talk about slowing down and spending some quiet time by yourself.

I could talk about the sorrow of losing a beloved four-legged family member. No - wait, I can't talk about that yet - that just hurts too much.

D4mn it - I'm struggling for something upbeat here.

When all else fails - take solace in the beads. Let's have a sneak peek at what is coming up this week.

dbmc0501 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Cut - 24Kt Gold Plated AB (2.5 grams)
Size 10 Cut Delica beads. Because you wanted Japanese 10/0 Delicas. Or we wanted them. Same difference. We want what you want.

s28110 Stone Beads - 12 x 7 mm Faceted Nugget - Dog Tooth Amethyst (strand)March's Stone of the Month. Dog Tooth Amethyst - Purple and White.

s28140 Metal Seedbeads - 11/0 Seedbead - Antique Copper

Metal Seedbeads. These are cool - They are seedbeads, but instead of glass with a finish to make them look like metal - they really are metal! I'm intrigued by these!

Just remember - when Life hands you Lemons - dyslexics make Melon-ade.


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