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Monday, February 21, 2011

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2012 Innovations


Oh - that's just the fashion industry for you. Need time for production to spool up. Anyway - let's take a look at what is coming up soon from Swarovski. We expect to have a lot of these in stock in within 4 - 6 weeks. (We need time to process stuff too, you know!)

Twice a year - "insiders" - like us - get this posh little box from Swarovski with samples of upcoming items in it!

Like a box of chocolates - there is a legend on the lid. I imagine that one of these days these little boxes will become collector items.

Here is the latest batch of goodies!

First up - a new opal (translucent) colour. This is Chrysolite Opal. It is a greener colour than Pacific Opal - although in some lights and with some backgrounds, it can look very similar. The two donuts on beading wire are the older Pacific Opal, the loose beads are Chrysolite Opal - the oval stone shows the colour best.
Next - a new "effect" - a surface treatment (like AB). This is Crystal Bronze Shade - which is like a warm version of Crystal Silver Night.

It can be applied to any colour - but we will probably just see it on Crystal (Clear) for starters. It does give a look somewhat like Metallic Light Gold Crystal 2X, but more transparency. (The donut on the beading wire is Metallic Light Gold Crystal 2X for comparison.)
This is a close up of Crystal Bronze Shade in a fancy stone.

These are Crystal Blends - Amethyst Blend and Topaz Blend. These are shaded colours, a la Air Opal and Fire Opal. I love "ombre" - shaded stuff - so I'm really looking forward to these!

New shapes in sew-on stones - the one on the right cries out to be in a bracelet, yes?

New shapes in flatbacks and hot fixes. Now that you know how to use these! (Oh, and look for a class that Stephanie Dixon will be teaching on hot fixes!) (This is the Eclipse (2037) and the Rivoli Triangle (2716).

And speaking of flatbacks and hot fixes, Swarovski continues to optimize their shapes to improve colour and sparkle. Look for smaller tables (the flat part at the top) and larger facets on the side. This is the Xilion Rose Enhanced cut (2058).

New pearl colour - Vintage Gold.

New shapes are getting really complex! New fancy stones, from the left - Organic Cosmic Triangle, Graphic Trapeze Fancy Stone, and Delta Fancy Stone. (Articles 4736, 4719, 4717)

A new flat cube bead - called the Stairway Bead - (5624). This looks like a winner for the bracelets - where lots of bead showing without lots of volume is great!

And for those of you with Pandora, Troll and similar interchangeable bead systems - the BeCharmed Helix Bead. (5920). Metal core, big hole, and a rolling facet pattern. And, I have to say - this bead is freakin' stunning. Simply awesome. I would go out and get the bracelet just to wear these.

And the new heart shape - the Truly in Love Heart (6264). The bead is symmetrical - although the faceting pattern is slightly different from side to side.

New rivets - in square - for clothing - or maybe you can adapt them to your steam punk designs?

And the addition of metallics to pre-made hot-fix transfers.
Yep - exciting stuff coming at ya! Looking forward to it all!

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