Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time - Making time for beading!

I'm sure most of you know that every month we ask our customers a question. To thank you for taking the time, we offer up a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate. Just in case you didn't know - check it out here.

In April, we asked:  "Time! It seems like we never have enough! Do you feel like you don't have enough time to make all the projects that you want? How do you make time? Do you have any secrets for finding enough? Or do you have to sacrifice sleep to bead!"

I thought I'd post some of our responses. Unfortunately, while I'd love to post all of them - we do get a lot!  Names have been stripped off to protect the innocent ;-)  It does seem we all have one thing in common (no surprise here) - We do not have anywhere near enough hours in the day. We like to bead while doing something else. And for the most part housework comes so, so, last on the list of priorities! :-)


I find a need some sort of deadline like a friend's birthday to get going on a project."

"I work nights and sometimes when I get home I just have to put an idea together that I've been thinking about while @ work, So YES I will sacrifice sleep to bead:D Sooo worth it!"

"Yes, never have enough time, especially as I also do projects in other mediums, and yes, I do sacrifice sleep!"

"HI HO HI HO its
off to work I go -
Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jog!!
Cook-cook/serve/eat/clean-it-up & put away:
Wash/dry/fold..wash/dry/hang<< put away..(click)Ott Lamp:Craft table: L@@K! Beautiful bracelet..Attach The Catch & Voila!  
"Ti-i-i-ime was on MY Side: Yes! It Was!"
 L@@K at it a bit longer: Lovely beads, catch the light; Shine with a few others, thru the night. All the more precious just BECAUSE there's NOT always enough time. Worth letting a chore or two wait--When we...H A V E  to CREATE!
 But really, there's rarely enough time, is there?"

"  I do Cross Stitch work and mainly Martina Weber's Chatelaine Designs.  Hence my wish for crystals and delicas - she uses at least 2000 of them (combined delica's and crystals) in most of her designs...  I work in rotation - i.e. 2 weeks on 1 design, 2 weeks on next  etc etc... i feel that i accomplish things this way instead of panicking about having all of my projects stacking up !"

" I make jewelry while everyone else is watching TV.  Don't ask me who is Dancing With The Stars! But if you need some cool jewels, I'm your girl!"

"  I'm happy when I have a couple of projects waiting in the wings. I take what time I can and enjoy it."

" If only I had a space where I could leave everything I\'m working on, to get back to later.  I could drop by and play for 10 and 15 minutes.  I wouldn\'t feel I had to wait for large enough blocks of time to start and complete a  project."

" I binge bead, then abstain for a while until I have to binge again."

" I make my jewellery while I watch tv :)"

"My daughter decided one day to make her hobby a 'big thing' and now she makes jewellery all the time.  Excellent grades and makes this on her spare time - she is amazing!!"

" No, I just sacrifice having a spotless house!"

" I bead when my boys are napping...thankfully, they co-ordinate naps!"

" I have to schedule my time for beading just like I schedule time for getting the housework done otherwise I find a whole week goes by with me not having done any beading."

" I try and commit one day a week to do beading, it doesn't always work, but sometimes it does.  As well, I keep a project out, in the open (on my desk, or next to the couch) so when i do have time it is there and ready!"

" Nah...I have lots of time!!  I need a kick in the derriere to sit down and create.  My problem is I have too many projects in mind, but when I sit down to do one, they all go *poof*.  (or is that a senior thing, lol)"

" I never have enough time, it is so bad that I have to draw out my ideas and I have a portfolio of pictures that I have yet to get too!  I need more hours in a day or be able to function with less sleep!  LOL!"

"  I try very hard to put aside so many hours a day just for me & my jewelry making. If I don't get finished on schedule I try & weigh out whether that extra dusting etc. is really important or is my time spent doing something I love what counts &  at the  end of the day no one saw the bed not made & if they did they are so busy admiring my new piece of jewelry they didn't notice or care."

"Yup; sleep is definitely compromised!!  It's ok for a few days (after a few nights) and then, CRASH!!  But I appreciate how well accessorized I look crashing, lol - AND KEEP DOING IT!"

"I don't have time to make all the projects I want. Not with my schedule. I try to do some of projects in the latter evening. Put on good music, and bead in time, sometimes beading with a few of my beading friends is also helpful, as we chat we bead, and I find i get also some things done then.
Also, sometimes i do all my creating, then i do all the finishing with clasps. Depends on deadlines."

 " I never have enough time for all the ideas that come to mind.  I always have a "kit" i've made in a nice tin complete with threads, extra needles etc so whenever a "waiting" opportunity comes along I am prepared for it.

" I design on paper, set our beads, make any changes all while concentrating on them only.  Then, I string or put together while listening to an audio book on my ipod or watching tv."

" sacrifice sleep to bead!"

"I encourage my husband to watch sports on TV --- that gives me freedom to bead to my hearts content!!   There is lots of sports on TV!!!"

" I do 'beading' while my husband watches NFL football on sunday afternoon....... we each relax with a glass of wine....and enjoy the few hours... now that baseball season started...i bead while watching Toronto BlueJays!! have set up my beading station in living room for the season!!  Go Jays Go!!"

 " There's never enough time!  I like to do some types of things by job type.  For example, instead of doing most necklaces and bracelets from start to finish, I have a toolbox with all my clasp-related findings and tools.  Once I have several pieces ready for clasps I sit down and do them all at once with everything I need at my fingertips.  It also is convenient for shows since I can bring that toolbox and do minor length adjustments or change a clasp for a client on the spot."

"    I honestly feel that work gets in the way of all my hobbies!  Perhaps that means I have too many.  I also find that because there are so many things I like to do in my spare time, that it is sometimes difficult to choose what to do, and sometimes, things like a new beading project just never seem to get done."

"I have a weekly 'art date' "

"  Time goes by way too fast when I am beading - I seem to forget about everything else around me! I have absolutely no secrets; when I bead, I work until my body litterally starts screaming for food or sleep!"

"  I bead more in winter.  Unless it rains in summer.  That's my beading time.  Otherwise I am in the garden.  Beading started as a hobby for something to do when I couldn't garden.  I used to get depressed in the winter.  Now I have so much I want to do with beading, learning new techniques, that the winter just isn't long enough."

" yes, i do sacrifice sleep to make time to make jewellery...also told boss i could only work 4 days per far, so good!"

"  I just always make time to bead, because at the end of my days here on earth I am sure I will not regret the time I've taken to do something that brings me so much happiness!! It's not like those dishes are really that urgent."

" No, I've never got enough time to bead.  I don\'t sacrifice sleep to bead, but housework sure doesn't get done when I'm feeling inspired.
I try to combine beads with other things... meeting girlfriends for coffee??? beads with me at the coffee shop.  I've likely got a wait at a doctor's / dentists?  beads are with me.  (the joys of beadweaving... it's easily transportable!)"

"NEVER have enough time to bead!  I make "time" by dedicating 1 room in my house to beading and therefore I can quickly pop-in for 15 minutes (hah! usually more like 3-4 hours) and I don't have to waste time setting up or cleaning up!  I also keep a small & portable project in a small box that fits into my coat pocket. That way, even while on play dates, waiting in parking lots, doctor's offices, etc... I have some time to bead."

"I love beading and have many projects I plan to make. However, I often feel that I don't have enough time to make all of them.  To make time, I set long-term and short-term goals in my planner, manage my daily tasks with a schedule, set alarm clocks for task reminders, try maintain an organized workspace, and hang a "don't disturb" sign on my door.  If I'm serious about completing a project and have limited time, I would wake up earlier and/or pull an all-nighter (if needed), power up with a refreshing cup of orange juice, and smile :)"

" There is always time to bead!  It is my therapy, my alone time, my way to procrastinate not doing things like house work.  An addiction to beads is like a drug.  You become dependent on creating that next design!"


Lyndsey said...

LOL about skipping housework. Yeah, that goes without saying. My house is a mess!

dragonjools said...

I always say, in a hundred years from now, no one will care if I cleaned my house today.