Friday, June 11, 2010

Making your own texture sheets

If you work with polymer clay, or metal clay - you've probably gone through all of your purchased texture sheets more times than you can count. At some point, you want something 'different', and something that is yours alone.

There are numerous ways to make them - some more expensive than others.

1) Creating your own silicone mold. Craft and hobby stores carry a 2 part silicone molding compound. You mix them together in equal amounts. Roll it out, and impress with a design of some sort - fabric, botanical's, cutlery, pretty much anything that has a texture can be pressed into this to make a permanent non stick texture.

2) Photopolymer - This one is fun, and we sell a kit for it. You can draw or design on your computer a black and white image (line art), and print it onto a transparency sheet. The black are of the image is the part that will become indented on your sheet. The white remains raised. This kit is available through calling the store, as it's too big and bulky to ship for the 5.95 shipping fee we flat rate.

3) Tear away technique.  I have yet to try this, but somehow I'm the most excited about this. Probably because it's new to me!

I've included some links to some articles on tear away below:

Jewelry Artist Magazine - Celie Fago's PDF

Catherine Witherell has an awesome blog post where she went all tear away happy :-)

Well, I'm off to go get me some sculpey III - or do I have some around here somewhere? ;-)


HappyDayArt! said...

Thank you for appreciating and mentioning my post! I went back and read it and thought it was a pretty good post myself. Nice to get exposed to your blog.

Catherine Witherell

Anonymous said...

Jen, I'm looking forward to the Metal Clay Addicts' discussion of tear-away.

Thanks for linking to Catherine Witherell's blog. Another great source of inspiration!

jen said...

Yes, I am as well. That topic has been moved up to sometime this fall. Are you coming to the meeting Monday night?