Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Fond Farewell

I'm sure many of our in store customers know Cynthia very well. She has been with us for many, many years now.  Cynthia was a driving, and tireless force behind all of the bead shows, class scheduling, staff schedulng,  store renovations, Christmas decorations, birthday parties - and anything else that needed someone with extraordinary organization skills! She wore many, many hats - and filled any and all of them with ease.   As with all of our staff, Cynthia was highly over qualified for the job!

Prior to her last maternity leave, she was our store manager. When she returned part time - she continued on doing anything, and everything for us as time permitted.  As a mother of 4 and her brood home for the summer - She has decided to pass the torch onto Sola.

Cynthia - We wish you the absolute best of luck with everything, and we'll certainly miss you!

Sola - Congratulations! 


Fine Silver Girl said...

See you around and take care. XO

Fine Silver Girl said...
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