Thursday, June 24, 2010

Copper Clay Firing Schedule

Just a quick note today for those who have been following my firing problems with the base metal clays.

I have come up with a firing schedule that is now working consistently for MY kiln. Everyones kilns are different, and experimentation with what works for you may be necessary.  I've now fired about a dozen batches all successful! (in a row mind!)  I'm now due to replace the carbon, and hopefully that won't cause problems.

I have a paragon SC2 with the bead door. I'm using a large firing pan, with coconut carbon.

ramp full speed to 665 - hold for two hours. Ramp full speed to 1620, and hold for an additional 3.5 hours. Shut off, and let cool naturally. This is able to fire a variety of thicknesses without over, or underfiring!  If I went up to 1650, I was seeing blistering (sometimes), If I brought it down to 1550, I would occasionally have batches that wouldn't sinter.

I hope this helps! Try something similar in your kiln with a few test pieces, and see how it works out.

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