Monday, February 09, 2009

Using Perforated or Screen Findings - Part 3 - Finishing Off

By now, your buggy bouquet should be looking nice and full and flourishing.

The back should look like a dog's breakfast. Worry not!

Twist all the loose wires together on the back.

Trim them - not too short. You need for the tension to stay on the wire, but short enough to give you room to add the back plate.

Fit the back into position. Make sure it is oriented so that the pin back is the right way up, - doesn't sit upside down when you wear it - and that the prongs can all fold down without hanging up on a leaf. You may need to jiggle it around a bit, turn it a smidge, to accomplish this.

Fold down the prongs with a thin nosed pair of pliers. et Voila! Wear and enjoy!

And - if you like making these, but have run out of coats to put them on - try getting a plain back (not a pin back) and glue a sturdy magnet on the back, and dress up your fridge!

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