Thursday, February 12, 2009

Less is more - sometimes ;-)

A single bead, a simple bail, and a chain. Sounds kinda boring right? Not if that bead is a 28mm Swarovski Twist bead. We've had these for a while, but sometimes you need to see something in a new light to appreciate it's beauty.

I was restocking the Swarovski wall this morning, and the light must have hit these just the right way. I now have a new necklace, that I whipped up in a about as long as it took me to remove the items from the packages.

You'll need one 28mm Crystal Moonlight Twist @ 7.95
One 12mm Vein Leaf pinch bail @ 2.25
And one 16 or 18" box chain @ 8.15 (for the 18") - I'm wearing the 18" - If you're thinner, this would like nice higher on the neck. In that case, choose the 16" version.

That's it! You now have a new necklace...Or give one to your mom for Valentines day....wait, I guess I don't have a new necklace anymore - Thanks Mom!

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