Sunday, February 15, 2009

Interesting Site: 99 Designs

Well, here's a site that falls into the category of "where was this when I was getting my career started?" Course, there are lots of sites like that - and the reality is - there was no internet when I was getting my career started.

This one is called 99 Designs and is a graphic design contest site. The idea is, that if you need a logo, a book jacket or whatever visual design created - you pay a small fee to set up a contest, define your parameters (i.e. A online business selling handmade jewelry that appeals to women over 30 who like big statement jewelry - need logo for website and letterhead/business card) - or whatever - set a "prize" - a fee for the winner - and let 'er rip. Designers submit their designs, and you pick the one you like.

Browsing the site to see what has been submitted is very interesting too. And it's fun to play critic looking at other's designs. Or imagine what you might do instead!

Something to think about - if you are planning on launching your own business. A professionally designed logo - could well be worth the price!

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Beth Ann said...

This is a unique site. A lot cheaper than going through an ad agency and so many "starving" artists to choose from!