Friday, January 09, 2009


Specifically, Toho triangles. I have to admit, I've had a long time affair with these beads. I have many tubes at home that I've bought over the years. First, at bead shows in the states, and here in Canada - then, my collection greatly expanded once we started carrying them.

These are sharp, bitty triangles. I much prefer the shape of the Toho triangles, over the Miyuki triangles. The Miyuki ones are much more rounded, and give a different texture once woven.

The bracelet below is just simple even count peyote stitch. The beads I used were the Matte raku blue/grey iris. To dress it up a bit, I used a Swarovski 20mm Sahara Cosmic Ring as a toggle. The bar was a strip of peyote sewed together into a tube.

Once you have your peyote strip almost to the size of your wrist, start a decrease on each end and create a long narrow strip on each side.

For the first side, the strip needs to be long enough, so that when you sew on the toggle bar, you have enough length to get the toggle bar through the cosmic ring. You'll need at least 2 cm's. (Just ask me how I know this! - see below)

On the other end, create a strip long enough to wrap through the cosmic ring. Sew this strip into a circle around the cosmic ring.

The bracelet below unfortunately is not wearable at the moment. I did not make the strip long enough! The toggle bar cannot be pulled through the ring. I'm not even sure how I managed to get it on there in the first place :-) A perfect example of why it's important to measure first. I now have to rip out a bunch of stitches, and make the strip longer.

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Wendy said...

I like this bracelet (especially the colour). Could you give the instructions?

Anonymous said...

Your bracelet looks great!

I love weaving with triangles! Peyote stitch is pretty cool. I have made thinner strips, 4 beads wide with 11° and in the middle, I loosen my tension and tie an over-hand knot. For a closure I use small sew-on snaps. I like mixing shiny and matte beads!
Circular herringbone has a really cool effect (kinda snakey!) I wish I could pics here...

jen said...

If you email me the pics, I can post them in this posting for you.

jen said...


I don't have instructions specifically, but I'll see what I can come up with. the closure I just kinda fudged ;-)