Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sneak Peek at Next Week

27802846s8 Glass Flowers - 16 x 12 mm Trumpet Lily - Rubino Givre (1)What's coming up for next week? errrr. ummm. No, seriously - there will be stuff, but at this point - it's hard to point to a cohesive theme. There will be these rather nice Trumpet Lilies. I like the sculptural look of them when a whack of them are strung all together. 2709508013s8 Window Beads - 10 x 8 mm Saturn Beads - Smokey Topaz Marble (Strand 25)These "saturn" shaped beads are kind of interesting too, don't you think?

Or, I can leave you with the description of next week's update, as speculated by my DH. "There will be beads. Small round things with holes. Makes the floor slippery." ;-)

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