Monday, January 05, 2009

Displaying Jewelry (and beads)

Storing jewelry and displaying it. Eventually, you are going to fill up your little jewelry box with the ballerina inside that twirls to music when you open it. I rather suspect that by now, you have filled several shoeboxes, some tupperware containers, and quite possibly, the back bedroom.

Some of it, you might want to display, or maybe you are even doing shows, and looking for ways to display there.

Here are some thoughts:

Check out this totally cool jewelry rack for earrings by Matthias Wandel. You'll need someone with woodworking skills.

For displaying beads - these racks are awesome - we have some in the store! (For displaying, not for sale!)

There is the commercially purchased wrought iron look. Or the handmade metal display approach. Here's another handmade metal display person. In fact - (which specializes in handmade stuff, has quite a number of handmade jewelry display makers.
Search on for more!

Or maybe you just need a styrofoam head - to get ahead. :-) Or something more artistic - like a hand-painted flapper head?

For craft shows, etc. - Many folks use bowls of rice or beans to display small items, like beads or earrings. The down side to this is that the rice either gets damp and grows mold, or you pull it out one day after a hiatus and discover you have mice. To avoid these pitfalls - use plastic pellets - sold in craft stores as "teddy bear stuffing." Translucent, matt finish pellets - they do the job nicely, and don't attract vermin.

Screen (window screen) stapled into a sturdy picture frame is also good for hanging earrings.

And I've seen necklaces draped over fabric-covered pool noodles and triangular fed-ex shipping boxes.

Got any more cool ideas? Post 'em in the comments!

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beadeddesigns said...

Do you know the stand you get when you buy kitchen utensils (such as the spatula, etc)? Well, I use that to hang my bracelets and necklaces! hahahaha It fits prefectly in my bedroom on a shelf and it stores so many of my creations.