Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is there ice in your phone?

Well - there should be. ICE stands for IN CASE of EMERGENCY and it is the number you want called if you are in an accident and the paramedics/police/fire are trying to figure out who to call. Sure - fill out that card in your wallet. But put that number in your cell phone, and label it "ICE." If you have actually figured out how to add more that a few letters to a listing in your phone's directory, you can label it with the name and relationship. Or ICE1 and ICE2 for a back up.

This started in England a few years ago, and has caught on in Europe, and is now spreading here. It makes getting in touch with your emergency contact/next of kin easier - and there are other situations where it can come in handy. Ever find a cell phone? (Found one, lost one). Should be easy to return? Uh, which of those numbers do you call? Stands to reason, the emergency contact would be logical.

Here are a few more numbers it makes sense to put into your cell phone before you need them, because if you need them, you'll be busy!

  • CAA/Towing Company - because a break down is why you got the phone in the first place.
  • your insurance company - see above, but for accidents
  • your bank - from card-eating ATMs to why the heck is my credit card not working
  • your doctor/clinic - assuming you have one that will answer the phone
  • local pizza place - duh - so you can call on the way home for pick up!
  • local theatre - especially if they have the recording with the movie times
  • if you have pets - emergency vet
  • if you have kids - the school, their doctor
  • if you travel - the airline's number - to check on flight status, etc.
  • those phone numbers that the credit card company gives you to call if your card is stolen that you know you won't remember
So make like the Boy Scouts - and be prepared - and hopefully - you'll never need them. Except the pizza place and movie theatre. ;-)

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