Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ever received an email like this?
I don't know if this link will work so you might have to cut and paste but if you go to: and letters and gobs of incomprehensible stuff that goes on and on and for miles and miles and days and days.

When we were new to internet - we had to deal with stuff like that - but now, there is a better way.
Go there, paste your mega-URL into the box, hit the button, it gives you an itty-bitty URL to send to your friends. It's perfectly safe and completely free. And you know folks are more likely to look at your stuff if they don't have to starting copying and pasting.

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HeatherFig said...

Good tip!! And if you use Firefox as a browser, there is an extension for TinyUrl which you can put under Tools.

Love the sneak peeks for next week. Sigh.....there goes the budget!!