Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Treasures for Trash

I pay my bills online - and of all the utilities and credit cards and bills that come through my door - one, ONLY ONE, has a system smart enough to recognize this - and not send me an envelope to return my payment in. The rest send envelopes - mostly printed with "security" patterns inside. Have you ever looked at these patterns? I hadn't! Aren't they handsome?

But this lady has looked at them, and what's more - she's making buttons out of them! And quite fabulous they are, too. She reports that she had found at least 80 different designs - and she now has bigger projects in mind!

So - she's putting out a call for your used or addressed security envelopes - mailing envelopes with printed patterns inside (to prevent holding it up to the light and seeing the contents.) She's even willing to trade finished buttons for piles of envelopes. Get more details from her blog.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

Oh, and the single company smart enough to not send an envelope? Royal Bank Visa. Kudos to you! They sent a notice after the third straight online payment in a row, saying that if I needed an envelope again, just to call them. Come on, the rest of you - how hard would that be?

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Anonymous said...

I have already e-mailed, so I can send envelopes!! I work in accounts receivable, so a get a couple of envelopes (read many envelopes!)
I can't wait to get buttons in exchange!!