Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seedbeaders get Respect (Finally!)

So, you've spent the year, on and off, making a truly fabulous and elaborate seedbead creation. You know the type - a big, frothy concoction with bezel set stones and every stitch you can name in it. You can't count the hours you've spent on it - You gave up around 500 and you know that it was only a third done then. You've invented half of it, had to pull parts out and start again. But now it's done, and you've worn it for the first time to rave reviews - but then your non-beady friends want to know how much you'd charge to make them one too. You're trying to explain that while there is only $20.00 worth of beads in it - they can't afford it. You sigh, realizing "Seedbeaders don't get no respect."

So, hopefully - checking out these seedbead artists that do get some respect will make you feel better, and encourage you to go on to the next over-the-top project.

Found these in the "Mostly Glass" Art Gallery.
There's some pretty serious other artists listed too - including a veritable who's who of torchworked glass. Their mandate is "Unique Art Work, technically challenging"

Check it out! and note the prices on those seedbead extravaganzas. Now - isn't that inspiring!

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Wendy Plumb said...

I am totally blown away by the work of Mary Darwall and Wendy Ellsworth. My goal is to make necklaces along those lines. What an inspiration. Now I need to learn the techniques.