Monday, November 10, 2008

Beady Graph Paper

Have you thought about designing your own patterns for peyote (gourd) stitch, or brick stitch, or square stitch? Are you thinking that some specialty graph paper might make it easier?

There are a bunch of free graph paper resources online! Check these out!

  • Graph paper by Shala Kerrigan - lots of different styles here, including brick, peyote, (2 and 3 drop for both, and triangle weave with bicones. Hmmm - that looks interesting.
  • Graph paper in PDF format for Peyote, Brick and Right Angle Weave, seed beads and cylinders from Black Giraffe.
  • This inspiring Chevron Design graph and Victorian Lace graph are available on this Needlepoint site. I'm not much of a bead-weavy kind of gal - but these are more like elaborate stringing projects. I could do this!
Just print what you need, as you need it!

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