Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In the Pink

On Wednesday (tomorrow) - our new Swarovski colours, Dark Indigo Blue and Indian Pink will go live on the website. Jen mentioned them a week or two ago, but I wanted to show you the Indian Pink in a comparison shot, so that you could see the difference between it and the Rose and the Padparadscha. It really does fall smack dab between these two colours.

The Padparadscha is a more orangey colour - true to it's namesake - the sapphires from Padparadscha - and the Rose is a pretty, girly pink. The Indian Pink is a more intense colour.

You can design something really firey and hot and intense with this colour!

I think I might use all three of these colours together (with maybe some Light Rose too!), and throw in something dark for contrast - maybe the Dark Indigo Blue - I think black might be too stark - maybe not - and see what I get.

How will you use it?


Laura said...

I LOVE Padparadscha & it looks like I'm going to love Indian Pink, too!

Heather said...

I have seen them in real life and they are absolutely gorgeous. And I am not even a "pink person"....copper and turquoise being my thing. But I will probably get some.