Monday, November 24, 2008

Sample Sale On Saturday

I know, normally I post some helpful tip on Monday about making jewelry. But, have you ever wondered what actually happens to all those items that we make, and display in the store? The Inspirations? The samples? The demos? The how-to stuff?

Well, it accumulates. Piles up. Fills drawers. Boxes. And, it's now time to share the wealth.

This Saturday, one day only, we will be having a "sample" sale - a sale of our samplers, our one-off creations made to showcase a particular bead or technique. Some of them we don't have on display any more because they are made with components that we just can't get any more.

Remember this one - "Antique Treasure"? We ran out of the beads shortly after posting it - figures. Anytime I really like something - it disappears off the market, and that's not just beads, but everything from shampoo to pizza brands. Anyway - you all loved it - and now - one of you can be lucky enough to own it! (It's tarnished a little - it's sterling after all! You might have to be prepared to give your new-found treasures a polish. A reasonable trade for being able to buy that piece you've been wanting for so long.)

Or, just come out for a chance to examine all these treasures in person - see them in their glory one last time.

I have personally found a staggering pile of stuff for this sale - some of my stunning gemstone pieces - featuring amethyst and rose quartz, and some of the silver pieces from I did in the metal clay. There will be a pile of the "cubic bling bling" bracelets too! Jen and the rest of the gals on the staff with have stuff there too - so come on down. Get yourself a little something for Christmas - you can always wrap it and put it under the tree labeled "from Santa."

Or "from a secret admirer." ;-)

Saturday, November 29, 9 am to 5 pm., at the store.

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