Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a week!

And it's not even done yet. They say bad luck happens in three's. If so, I'm done. Good thing I had such a relaxing vacation, otherwise I'd have gone loopy by now. :-) First of course there was my husbands office with all of the water damage. Then our car broke down. Turns out it was the fuel pump. $750 later our car is at least back on the road.

And to finish it all off, I am now spending the day lounging on my couch...and not by choice. As I was heading out the door (late to boot), I stepped down from the living room to the front hall onto something very slippery. My ankle is toast. I don't know yet exactly what's wrong, but here i am at home. So, now that I've been forced into another vacation, let's hope that next week will be far better :-)

Dwyn and Marg are off to the Bancroft Gemboree today. Once I year, Bancroft hosts Canada's largest gem and mineral show. It's a great place to pick up unusual cabs, and semi precious stones. maybe they'll post pics tomorrow of some of their goodies!

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