Thursday, June 19, 2014

One Weird Trick to make your Designs Blow Everyone Away!

s39888 Freshwater Pearls - 9 mm Round Pearl - Copper Pearl (strand)
We just HATE the current trend in writing that uses emotionally-manipulative, attention-grabbing headlines to accompany some sort of meaningless drivel. Everything is "Top Ten this" and "What happened next took my breath away." Frequently, if you get sucked into reading it, you feel slightly dirty afterwards.
So to heck with that - Here's the Real Headline for today.

Is there anything more beautiful than a Pearl?

s39892 Freshwater Pearls - 8 x 5 mm Button Pearl - Peach (strand)And that's a ridiculous statement too - because we know that beauty is highly subjective. However, when you are surrounded by piles of our hand-picked pearls - you have to admit, you could make a strong case for pearls!

And piles of them, we have. A fresh new stash of pearls, bringing with them fresh new ideas! And while pearls are a very old idea in personal adornment - there are still lots of ways to be new and innovative with them!

s39906 Freshwater Pearls - 6 mm Round Pearl - Light Ivory (strand)If you like a classic look - perhaps a little something for a summer wedding - this medium sized 6 mm round Light Ivory pearl is just the ticket. Truly - this is about as classic as it gets. Like Rolls Royces and Tuxedos, these will never s39925 Freshwater Pearls - 30 mm Stick Pearl - Ivory (strand)go out of style!

If you prefer something a little more edgy - how about stick pearls? String them as-is for a dangerous looking collar, or mix them up with crystals. Or make some drippy earrings to go with it!

s39905 Freshwater Pearls - 7 x 6-10 mm Oval Pearl - Copper Mix (strand)
Maybe you'd rather have some colour - like this lovely Copper Mix - a rich set of hues and shades that practically designs itself!
s39902 Freshwater Pearls - 6 x 9 mm Oval Pearl - Sapphire (strand)We also have a few shades that no oyster ever came up with - like these lovely sapphire blue pearls or some mallard-green pearls.

s39913 Bezel - 30 x 40 mm Gallery Oval - Antiqued Copper (1)And if you are looking for a handsome focal piece for your strand of pearls - how about these gallery-wire bezels? Made with a decorative wire, you just drop the 30 x 40 mm stone cabochon (or bead! 30 x 40 mm beads work too!) into place, and gently bend the wire edges down over the stone to hold it in place! Couldn't be easier!

Diane Dennis - the starfish lady - Comes to BeadFX

You may already know, or even already have signed up for a class with Diane Dennis - who will be teaching this weekend at BeadFX. But even if you weren't able to sign up (I understand we do have a space or two left in the star fish class and Putting on the Ritz - so there is still time!) - you can still come and meet her on Friday! 

Friday, June 20, at BeadFX between 4 and 7 pm, Diane Dennis will be having a Trunk Sale, with her patterns and kits for sale. If you are regretting not being able to meet her - then here is your chance. And if you are wondering what kind of creations she makes, you should probably click here. Wowsers!
So click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here, just drop into the store! And bead happy!


Anonymous said...

what IS the trick that will make your designs blow everyone away???????????????????????????

dragonjools said...

The one weird trick that will make your designs blow everyone away is ... put pearls in everything!