Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Cutting Tools

I got a new cutting tool last week from Art Clay World USA.  It is called the QuikArt template cutting tool. It marketed for use with th QuikArt templates.  I have yet to put it to work, but here are some thoughts. Here is a photo:

Here is the QuikArt cutter and my other pin tools:
  1. Standard pottery pin tool - I rarely use this to cut clay.  I use it only when can't seem to locate my ultra clay pick which is number two as it just isn't as fine.  
  2. Ultra Clay -  this has been my favorite cutting tool to date.  
  3. QuikArt

The QuikArt  has a 0.0015 inch tip.  Extremely fine compared to my other tools pictured below. I will let
I will will show you pictures next week on how it compares to my Ultra Clay pick.

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