Sunday, June 06, 2010

Thick Juicy Metal Clay Chains.....

Recently, I decided to make something decadent just for me. All too often I make custom orders or things that will not end up costing too much money so that I can price and sell them easily. Last week I decided to sit down and make myself something that I have wanted to do for a while. Well here it is a big, thick, juicy fine silver metal clay chain. It is not necessarily a complicated metal clay project but it can end up taking a lot of clay. I manged to make this one with just over 100 grams of Art Clay Silver.

If you have the basics to metal clay it is relatively straight forward technique where you cut open every other ring while it is partially dry and slip a ring on and seal the pieces back together. I offer a class in doing this technique using copper clay but the technique is essentially the same each type of metal clay. (I just noticed it is not scheduled this summer...I will check in and see if we can schedule one for this summer).

Here it is in Art Clay Copper.

The other reason I love these necklaces is that in using the small links at the end of the chain one can overlap them the toggle and shorten the necklace. So essentially you have a two in one necklace. Not bad, eh?

Don't forget to stop and take time to make something you love!


jen said...

Love the chain! But I'm really, really curious. I know how big that necklace is - what on earth kind of leaf is that? It must be ginormous! :-)

Fine Silver Girl said...

It is a gigantic RUBARB leaf. It was so big it was shading all the tiny leaves beneath it.

Fine Silver Girl said...

I really never noticed the crazy optical illusion the leaf had on the size of the piece. WACKY!!!!