Monday, November 17, 2008

Making Glass Beads - Making a Dichroic Glass Bead

OK - here it is - had to shorten it and try a bunch of stuff to make the file small enough to upload. But, 'tiz done. Only took a day to shoot and two full days to edit. Anyone want any video edited - I'm charging an arm and a leg - per minute.

For those of you who have never seen "lampwork" beads being made - I hope you find this useful and educational. For those of you who do make beads - I hope that you get something out of it too.


Laura said...

Wow! That was awesome! I really hope I can take the 2-day week-end course in December.

jen said...

Congrats Dwyn! It looks awesome. Unfortunately, I don't have sound on my computer here, so I'll check it out again later from home...Ohhh. I can listen to it on my phone!

pomlady101 said...

neat! good video, but a closer shot of finished bead would be cool.

Heather said...

I am in awe!! Is there anything you CAN'T do?? (G)

I would be fumbling, blobbing, dropping and generally messing things up, I am sure.

I really enjoyed watching that....thank you.

dragonjools said...

I agree - a better picture of the finished bead would be good - I just can't find it! I think I might have put it out for sale in the store and it sold.

Heather said...

Somehow my comment didn't come out my thinking anyway.

I meant "how on earth do you combine lampworking with video editing, IT stuff, photography, and so on". You are one talented lady....but I also read your website blurb on the other things you can do and I am in awe!!

(the spelling freak)

stacy said...

WOW! As cool/neat/awesome as I expected!
I know myself well enough to NOT take a lampworking class! I have a big enough problem/addiction buying beads. Imagine if I started making them!!

dragonjools said...

And it is seriously addicting!