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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's on my bead mat - August edition!

What happened to summer? It’s certainly been hot and steamy, but how long will it last? Has anyone felt like doing any serious work? I’ve been lazing about, focusing on finishing off a few things, working on class samples, and dreaming up a few “Inspirations” for the store.
The last time I tried to coat two of my larger alcohol ink projects in Ice Resin (a ceramic tile, and a small plate), I was quite disappointed. I followed all of the rules, but didn’t get complete coverage on my first try (once dry, the surface was pitted, and uneven). As I make a habit of never giving up, I bugged a few more people, sanded the surfaces lightly, then reapplied the resin. Success! Well, I still have one small area that needs a little TLC, but I think I figured it out, with a little help from my friends. Let the resin thicken before applying, and inspect it carefully (get right down to eye level). I also ran my small butane torch over the surface lightly, to smooth things out, and get rid of any bubbles. Not for the faint of heart, research it carefully, and make sure you take all necessary safety precautions. I'm definitely not responsible if you choose to experiment! Unless, of course, you are wildly successful!! By the way, Ice Resin makes the alcohol inks, absolutely pop! Seriously, they glow!! I'll be discussing techniques, and a variety of finishes, in my upcoming August workshop.
I love turquoise and red, and you’ll see both those colours turn up in my next series of “Inspirations” (two so far, but no write up’s yet). Rochelle wouldn’t be happy if I gave you a sneak peek (and I wouldn’t like to make her unhappy! Giggle!), but if you’d like a hint, they include wire, and Turquoise Picasso beads, mixed in with a couple of different types of red Czech beads. Some of my leftovers are showing on the mat, joined by a couple of leaves, that Marg challenged me to transform. Hmm, I wonder what I will do? I’m not sure yet, but I promise to share, when I figure it all out!
I’ve been experimenting with altering leather, and am pleasantly surprised with the results. You can’t see much here, but I will reveal the project after it’s finished. Will it turn into a workshop, another “Inspiration”, or both? Only time will tell.
Most of you already know, that I’ve been working on a needle felted, embroidered, and beaded book cover. Well, the embellishment is finished, so I thought that it would be fun, to include an open shot of the back and front, as well as a closed photo of the front. I'm happy with my progress, but now I need to cover up the back with something interesting, and then add an edging (probably beaded), before turning it into an actual book. The non-conventional shape will make it a little challenging, but that's the way I like it!!
The final photo is a sample I’m working on for an upcoming class. Not quite finished yet, but close! I’ve already made a larger version, so I’m calling this a tiny tidbit! Isn't that the cutest little starfish? Lessons learned with this one, include not adding three fragile shells, at the beginning of the project. Do you notice that there's only one remaining? Gulp! I think that I should have added a thin layer of resin, to protect them. Fingers crossed, that the last one survives!!!
Well, I guess that I’ve been working on more than I thought! Heat brings on a certain amount of lethargy, but apparently it can also bring creativity! I hope that you’re staying as cool as possible, and if not working on, at least planning some fabulous future projects! I know that I am!!


Julie said...

Lovely work and I really like your beautiful tidbit. Sorry I'm not contributing a t the Six group on Yahoo but Yahoo refuses to respond to my computer. It's widespread problem apparently. said...

There are only so many things our hands can do at any one time.... but it appears that you have more than one set of hands!!! Lucky you! The altered leather is intriguing.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks Julie and Beth!

Beth, I haven't done much more with the leather yet, but I do have two bracelets to finish off. While looking at your comment, I just had another idea, so thanks for that.