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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

InspirationFX: Caribbean Waves

Caribbean Waves

by: Bonnie Cottingham

Swimming along the Caribbean Waves. Sunlight sparkling as far as you can see.

There are pieces of jewelry that bring back memories of past vacations, they bring up pictures in your mind.This bracelet encompasses all my vacations into one piece. Sun, Sand, Water!

I started this bracelet by cutting the chain into 7" lengths. (Use your own wrist measurement to get the length of chain)1)Using the beading wire and a crimp attach one of the ends of the chain.

2)Next  fold the end of the 8" piece of 5mm leather (use your own wrist measurement plus 1 inch to get the length of 5mm studded leather) over the wire and glue it down with the Super New Glue. Clamp the leather and allow to set.

3)String the next piece of chain

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3

5) Place a crimp on the wire before you string on the last length of chain and crimp it.
Repeats Steps 1 to 5 for the other end.

Attaching the Clasp
With a tooth pick or tool place some E6000 in the channel at one side of the clasp.
Press one end of the bracelet piece into the channel.

When gluing the other side of bracelet to the clasp make sure that the bracelet will lay flat and the clasp will close without there being a twist.

Let the glue dry and set for 24 hours.

A safety chain may be attached for security. Attach each end of the chain extender (or a small piece of chain) using a 7mm jumpring to an outer strand of chain.

Now your swimming along the Caribbean Waves too!


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