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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Concrete and Candy!

We're cementing our relationships! Getting them on a solid footing. In fact - we could say there is some thing really concrete about them!
This is Artist's Concrete - as used by mixed-media artist Robert Dancik - and is fun and easy to use. You put a tablespoon of the concrete powder in a disposable cup, add a 1/8 teaspoon of water - mix, and add a few drops more water to adjust the consistency. A stiffer mixture (like dough) is stronger, but a thinner mixture (like heavy cream) pours better - so you can adjust to your needs (packing into a bezel vs a mold). You have about 10 minutes working time, and it cures in about an hour.

The base colour is white, and we also have a few selected pigments for colouring it. You can surface colour it too after it has cured.

Here a good video on how to use it - I've been experimenting with it and I have to say - it's a lot of fun to use. Check out my blog post on the topic of exploring this exciting new medium!

27800952-03s8 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Candy Beads - Yellow Opaque (Strand 22)
On a hot sticky day like we've been having recently - you may have discovered all sorts of new things. It's so hot here that the birds are using pot-holders to pull the worms out of the ground, both taps deliver hot water, cows are giving evaporated milk, and asphalt isn't a solid any more. If you don't want your candies to melt and stick together - then check out the new Candy Beads. It's hot - but at least the glass isn't melting. Not yet, any way!

Candy Bead braceletThese Candy Beads - made by Preciosa - are another in the two-hole-shaped-bead category. They are round, 8 mm across, with a domed side and a flat side, and have two holes. They are surprisingly pretty and dainty for an 8mm bead. Here's some basic instructions to get you started.

Our big sale is ended, but we've decided to give you a one-week reprieve on the Czech 11/0 seedbeads. This week only - they carry on at 20% off! 

And so there it is for this week - click on a link or image above, or just check out all the new items here and see what melts your ice-cream!

Bead Happy!

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