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Monday, March 16, 2015

Shopping Cart Tips

Our IT guru just replied to a shopper who lost the contents of her shopping cart (boo hiss) on our website - with a couple of really good tips. I thought I would just share them with you all! 
This particular customer was feeling extremely frustrated as she was ordering one of everything on a page ...  
Hint 1:
  Create your account first!   When you are logged into your account, your shopping cart is permanent, and stored in the system instead of just in your web browser.  Nothing happens to it until you check-out at the end, or remove it from your permanent cart.

 - It also lets you use the wish-list for things to look at later  :)

Hint 2:
  Our shopping "page" allows you to enter a quantity in the little box
below each product to add to the cart.  You don't need to press enter.
If you DON'T press enter after each one, you stay on that page, and
AFTER you have entered quantities that you want on ALL the items, then
press enter or click the "Add Selected Products To Cart" button and ALL of the quantities will be added at once.

Hope that helps and makes it easier for you!

Anyway - hope that gives you some ideas and makes your life a little easier! 

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