Thursday, March 05, 2015

Czech and Czechmate ...

Czech and Czechmate ...

Bricks and Skinny Bars and Lentils and Maple Leaves. If it's got two holes in it - we have it. Or it is on the boat on the way to us. In fact, I think I'm going to have to do some re-organizing on the website so you can find all these new two-hole shaped accent beads in one place. It might take me a couple of days - so just watch for that on the website.
s43883 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 6 mm 2 Hole Lentils - Antique Ivory (Strand 50)Czechmates are a line of beads that are designed to work togets43869 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 6 mm 2 Hole Bricks - Antique Gold (Strand 50)her for your beadweaving pleasure. Their holes are spaced approximately 3 mm apart (2.8 - 3 mm), or a multiple of that, like the Skinny Bars, which are 9 mm. Anyway - I think I'm over-thinking this, so here's what we have for you this week.
s43865 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 15 mm 2 Hole Skinny Bars - Antique Gold (Strand 50)
Skinny Bars, not s43886 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 5 x 16 mm 2 Hole Dagger Beads - Light Turquoise Green Picasso (Strand 50)to be confused with underweight grizzlies ...

Two Hole Daggers - use them like daggers too, or take advantage of their two-holiness.

And then there are these two-hole Maple Leaves - which - well - they might not be part of the whole system, but still - they have two
 holes, so they are s43898 Glass Leaves - 13 mm 2 Hole Maple - Peridot (strand 25)cool.

s20367 Glass Flowers - 9 x 5 mm Duckfoot Flowers - Rosewater (25)While spring is rampaging through parts of the country - most notably out west, here in the still-frozen centre, we can only dream. Let's dream of spring flowers in Rosewater, Cranberry Givre, or Poison Green! If, in fact, any poor flower poked it's s40893 Glass Flowers - 7 x 5 mm Flared Cup Flowers - Crystal AB (25)head out today - all it would see is ... Crystal AB.

s43831 Firepolish - 8 mm Faceted Donut - Chocolate Choice (strand 25)Also new this week - a tasty new selection of Faceted Donuts - from Chocolate Choice to Apprentice to a Pyrite (s43839 Firepolish - 9 x 6 mm Faceted Donut - Matte Papaya Swirl (strand 25)because - d---, these look like Pyrite!) to Matte Papaya Swirl, the selection is yummy!
4 mm
5 mm
7 mm
8 mm
9 mm

Hmmm - you know - I'm looking at that and thinking that maybe I'm breaking them down into categories that are just too picky. If you can think of a better way, let me know.

s43859 Glass - 8 mm Faceted Baroque Balls - Coconut Beach (25)Ms43903 Glass Beads -  Rough Rock - Fools Gold (strand)ore new in our UnBuried Treasure line of aged-looking beads. Baroque Balls, and this Rough Rock - which is actually a glass bead.
That's it for this week!
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