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Monday, March 23, 2015

Jewelry on Display!

We added a couple of new ladies to the staff - whose sole jobs are to greet you as you come in the door, and show off some jewelry!

 We haven't named them - yet - but here they are ready to greet you at the door!

 Now THAT'S a necklace!

But the real fun was the trip to go buy them. Darlene Martin of Bijoux Bead put me onto Recycled Displays in Toronto. I have to say - if you sell jewelry, at shows or elsewhere, if you need a mannikin for photography, whatever you want - or if you have just always wanted to own a life-size plastic person - this is your place.

Their website will tell you where they are - but after that - it's not particularly helpful. You're just going to have to plan a road trip and go there. Because it is an adventure unto itself.

Picture a warehouse, stacked to the ceiling with the cast-offs from closed-out clothing stores. Antique cash registers, old display racks, bins of foot-sizers, display signs, clothing racks, watch and sunglasses racks, jewelry busts, and, of course, mannikins. Narrow aisle after narrow aisle of mostly naked bodies, and body parts. As Marg commented to me - "This would be a really creepy place to be after dark."

Rows of lounging headless women labeled "Used female, $125" or "Ava, sitting, $99." There is men, children, plus-sized, realistic, abstract, (chrome or magenta, anyone?). Heads, feet, hands, torsos.

And a warehouse cat that follows you as you wander down the aisles, marveling at the treasures.  If you work your way through the whole building (including the hall of mirrors) - you'll find the life-size ostriches.

It's definitely worth the trip. Who knows how you will be inspired!

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