Sunday, November 30, 2014

InspirationFX: Shimmy and Shake


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Shimmy and Shake
by: Dwyn Tomlinson
Here's a necklace to dance in, or make you feel like dancing.

A black velvet cord - it's already a necklace - so that's about as easy as it gets. Sure, you can add a single pendant - you don't need me to coach you on that. How about adding a bit more though?

The beads will fit over the endn connector and the chain, but not over the jump ring, so you will need to remove the jumpring. Remember, always twist a jumpring open sideways.

Add the first bead.

Next, you will add a tassel. The jumprings that come on the tassels will not fit over the end, so open a jumpring, add the tassel, and the velvet cord, and then close the jumpring.

Add the next bead.

Let's add some length and make these tassels more varied in length. Add a jumpring to the next tassel, and then add another, which is the one you will use to hang on the velvet cord.

Add another bead.

For the centre tassel, add two jumprings, then add a third and use that to attach to the cord.

Then reverse your way out, bead, tassel w 2 jumprings, bead, tassel w one extra jumpring, bead.

Replace the jumpring at the end connector and reattach the extender chain, and you are done!

The velvet cord is pretty good, but if you tend to wear a necklace to death, i.e. day in and day out for months, then this will wear out. You can then replace the cord, or remake it with leather instead.



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