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InspirationFX: Classy Christmas Trees


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Classy Christmas Trees
by: Pam Kearns
Sometimes it's a struggle to find holiday jewellery that is a little more subtle and doesn't scream typical Christmas. But, I think you can wear these earrings with everything including that little black dress to that special holiday event or party! The concept of the design is simple -- use various sizes of spacers to create the basic shape stacked onto an eyepin.

I've topped it off with a crystal rondelle and sparkling Swarovski bicone. From the eyepin, I've dangled a briolette -- just for more sparkle!

The spacers have quite large holes so I used size 6/0, size 11/0 and size 8/0 seed beads (pull them from your stash -- any colour will do because you don't see them!) and drop the down the middle of the spacers. It will magically centre the spacers and put them into place.

1. For each earring, stack the following onto the eyepin:

One 9mm brushed silver bicone rondelle
One Big Hole Big Balls Daisy Spacer (centred with a couple size 6/0 seed beads)
Two 12mm Daisy spacers (centred with size 11/0 seed beads)
Two 9.4mm Double Row Daisy Spacers (centred with size 8/0 seed beads)
One 6mm Rhinestone Spacer Rondelle
One Swarovski bicone
2. Create a wrapped loop with the eyepin, creating the tree shape.
3. Add the briolette using the 4mm jump ring to eye pin's bottom loop
4. Attach it all to your favourite pair of ear wires.

Create a second one to complete the pair.

As an option, create a third piece and turn it into a pendant and put it onto a simple silver chain -- a perfect set!



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