Sunday, November 02, 2014

InspirationFX: African Jade Queen


Get your creative juices flowing

African Jade Queen

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

A delightful bracelet - perfect for dinner out with your favourite explorer or just floating down the Nile while battling crocodiles and piranha.

This multi-strand bracelet takes advantage of our new 6 strand clasp, although it would look equally fab with our 9 strand (would require more supplies.) More IS more, I always say. The spacing on these clasps (distance from loop center to next loop centre) is PERFECT for 4 mm beads.

I made this long, nearly 9 inches in total with the clasp, so you could make it smaller if you wish. I had just enough beads left over for a nice pair of matching earrings. (With it being this long - I can actually twist the bracelet before doing up the clasp, for a slightly different look.)

String all 6 strands first and lay them out. String 5 stone beads and one metal bead, and repeat. Do not put a metal bead at either end. Because the stone beads are not all completely consistent in size - it may be difficult or impossible to get the metal beads to line up perfectly. Don't sweat it - when you are wearing it - no one will notice.

Attach all of the strands at one end to the clasp, and check again that the strands are the same length (or as close as possible.) Then attach the other half of the clasp to the other strand ends.

The clasp is a little trickier to get apart when there is nothing attached, but once you have the strands on, you can easily pull it apart. Cover the crimps with crimp covers, and these will match the look of the metal beads (that's why you didn't end any of the strands with a metal bead.)

The earrings are just some left overs, on headpins, dangling from a jumpring, off an earwire. Easy peasy.



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Always Bead Beautiful said...

It's beautiful. It's given me the inspiration to make a multi-strand bracelet. I'll try and remember to pick up one of those lovely clasps when I come into the store on Thursday.