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Sunday, July 13, 2014

InspirationFX: Skulls and Snakes


Get your creative juices flowing

Skulls and Snakes
by: Dwyn Tomlinson
I really like skulls and snakes,
but that ain't what it takes,
to love me ...

If you love leather, snakes, skulls, and living on the edge of edginess - this super quick bracelet is right up your dark and foreboding alley.

Take your leather in a length twice as long as the bracelet. Double it in half and slip the skull bead on. Make sure the ends are trimmed and even. Dry fit them into the hook and test that the length is ok. The loop fits over the hook of the cobra clasp to hold the bracelet on.

When it is, glue the leather in with Super New Glue.



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