Thursday, July 03, 2014

A-Roving we will go ..

s40060 Felting Supplies -  Merino Roving - Tanzanite
A-roving we will go
s40064 Felting Supplies -  Merino Roving - FireHi, ho, the beadio - a-roving we will go!

If you feel you want to try felting, but are at a premium for space, and you want all the pretty colours, but have just discovered that the minimum quantities for buying roving - which - by the way - means unspun and untwisted wool - will yield about 6,972* beads and take up a sizable percentage of your storage space and still get you only one colour! - well - we have the solution for you! We have roving in bead-size quantities - by the half ounce, which should net you about 15 beads - depending entirely on the size that you are making - but you can see - it's still a much more reasonable quantity - which also makes it easier to smuggle into the house - in case that is a concern. "Hi Honey - just ignore this big bag of colourful wool - I'm, uh, adopting a sheep." Our significant-others are pretty patient people (they have to be), but what they don't know doesn't hurt them ... .

Anyway - this roving is restockable, and is in single colours (yes - we know the mixes were a bit confusing - but glorious!). You have to feel this wool to believe it - I'm not a fan of wool personally - I find it itchy - but this stuff is gorgeous - sooooo soft and not at all scratchy or weird.
And if you need the needles to felt with, check out our Felting Tools page too!

s40048 Stone Beads - 8 mm Faceted Rondelles - Black Gold Amazonite (strand)
In other news ... a new stone - well - new to me and probably most of you too. This is Black Gold Amazonite. And no - it's doesn't contain oil. The black and blackish stones are Tourmaline matrix and the Gold refers to the Pyrite matrix (as in Fool's Gold.)s40043 Stone Beads -  Trapezoid with Rounds - Black Gold Amazonite (strand)
The end result is a stone that ranges from a soft, translucent green though creams to browns and blacks. Use the beads in random order, or sort them to shade from one colour to the next.

277860011010327 Swarovski Pave Ball - 10 mm Round - Indian Siam (1)27759400025006 Swarovski Elements Bead - 14 mm Becharmed Rondelle (5940) - Crystal Iridescent Green (1)New this week on the bling-bling front, more Swarovski Pave balls, a new Be-charmed bead, and

27750001051259 Swarovski Elements Bead - 3 mm Faceted Round (5000) - Tangerine (36)

some of the new colour Tangerine!

So click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here. Bead happy! Bead Safe!

*Allowances made for hyperbole. ;-)

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