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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Half-Tilas at BeadFX

HTL1865 Miyuki -  Half Tila - Opaque Terra Grey AB
Funny story about these Half Tilas. You probably know about TILA beads - made by Miyuki - they are a two-HTL0316 Miyuki -  Half Tila - Amethyst Gold Lusterhole square tile bead that are popular in complex and clever bead-weaving patterns. It wasn't long before someone said, "Hey - it would be really cool if we made these in half-sizes too, all the better to fit them into circles and curves and even more elaborate patterns!"

We saw the Half-TILAs and got excited about them and agreed we would get them.

So a couple of weeks ago - Marg says to me, "Where are those Half Tilas? I want to show them to someone." And I was at an absolute loss - try as I might - I couldn't remember having seen themHTL0401FR Miyuki -  Half Tila - Matte Black AB since. And we went through all the pending items for processing, and still couldn't find them. Scratching our collective heads in puzzlement, we contacted the distributor to find out when we had ordered them, in order to help track them down. "Oh," she said, "You haven't ordered them yet. I was wondering why you hadn't ... ."
So there you go - call it a senior moment if you will - but they are here now - Half-Tilas - rectangular half-sized versions of the original square TILA bead. How will you use them?

s40265 Chain - 5 mm Sunburst Chain - Antiqued Gold (Inch)And if you followed that chain of events - then how about this Sunburst Chain? It comes in Antiqued Gold, Antiqued Silver, Matte Antiqued Silver, and Antiqued Copper. Or if you are looking for a Plain Jane Chain, then this Large Oval Link chain might be more up your alley - in Bright Silver and Matte Antiqued Silver.

s40268 Chain - 3 x 8 mm Large Oval Links - Bright Silver (Inch)

So remember - we are all getting older, but at least we can tell each other that we are getting better! Click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here.

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