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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Big, Fat Juicy Update this Week!

s40275 Stone Beads - 3 mm Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Pink Tourmaline (strand)
10608822-02 Resin - Fashion Cabochon - 34 mm Round - Cosmic SugarOver 170 new items this week, and we have quite the range too, from sublimely delicious gemstone beads to fun and funky Resin Cabs.

s40278 Stone Beads - 3 mm Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Peridot (strand)First up - coloured stone beads. Beautiful semi-precious stones - from Peridot to Labradorite to Tourmaline. Just divine! I could ramble on and on abouts40272 Stone Beads - 4 mm Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Tourmaline - Multicolour Mix (strand) the Tourmaline multi-color mix, s40280 Stone Beads - 3.6 mm Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Blue Topaz (strand)the Blue Topaz, the Amethyst (Gawd - I just LOVE amethyst), or you could just go look at them all together on their own page!

And if that were not enough - we have gemstone chain - where the stones are already wired up into chains, just add clasps and you are done, or s40347 Gemstone Chain -  Faceted Donut Rondelles - Green Chalcedony (foot)combine with strands of strung beads or more chain for a multi-strand fantasy. My ps40350 Gemstone Chain -  Faceted Rondelle on Twisted Link - Alexandrite (Simulated) (foot)ersonal pick of these is this simulated Alexandrite - which is a soft blue at the office in fluorescent light, and an ethereal s40430 Gemstone Chain - 3 mm Faceted Rondelle on Twisted Link - Carnelian / Gold (foot)translucent purple in sunlight.

We also have some that s40434 Gemstone Chain - 3 mm Round on Twisted Link - Lapis / Gold (foot)are tiny little 3 mm beads, wire wrapped on links and strung together. Sure, you could grab some beads and do the work yourself, but it is fun to loop some strands of this and just go!

And if the s40470 Gemstone Links - 15 x 20 mm Faceted Pear Drop / Channel Setting - Pink Tourmaline (1)chain doesn't quite suit you, we also have gemstone links and pendants - the stone part without the chain. Small links and small pendants, oh, and some larger, striking channel-mounted s40518 Gemstone Pendants - 18 x 32 mm Faceted Navette / Channel Setting - Quartz Goldstone (1)pendants. Some of these bigger pendants are one-of-a-kind, so don't linger on them. There are more selections in store too, in case you are coming by in person!

But wait, there's more! Because we have a new batch of a new stone for you! s40356 Stone Beads - 12 mm Coin - Larvikite (strand)Larvikite (from Larvik, Norway), otherwise knows as Black Labradorite or Norwegian Moonstone! Similar to Labradorite, with some flashes of blue but a larger patches of colour and an overall darker hue. If you love a neutral stone colour - you'll love this.

Now - about those cabs - these are the other end of the scale - fun, funky, and fashion-forward. Fashion Forward is the opposite of Heirloom, in case you 10608896-03 Resin - Fashion Cabochon - 30 x 40 mm Faceted Oval - Neon Pink10608825-01 Resin - Fashion Cabochon - 18 x 25 mm Oval - Peach-Rose Sugarwere wondering ... . ;-) Neon colours and "Sugar" stones.
Don't expect to grace the red carpet with these, but they are a lot of fun for a season anyhoo. (Because what to wear for walking down the red carpet at a premier event is a big concern for all of us, I know. It needs to be addressed. Along with other pressing issues, like "which tiara do I wear for gardening," and with what wine goes with chocolate. Answer: All of them. )

We are closed Monday for the Civic holiday - the store is, anyway. The website never sleeps!

Click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here.

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