Sunday, July 20, 2014

InspirationFX: French Twist


Get your creative juices flowing

French Twist

by: Erin Singleton

Inspired by a French scarf - this is another variation on on what to do with the Lycra ribbon. This version, because of the pulling, is a little tidier and more structured as it has rolled itself neatly into a tube.

  • Cut a length of Lycra ribbon slightly longer than your wrist
  • Grabbing at either end of the cut Lycra, pull outward and watch the sides curl in, creating a cord. This cord will be approximately the size of a strip of 5 mm leather. 
  • Thread on the bead with the Swarovski Crystal. You may want to add a small piece of tape on the end of the Lycra to help thread it through the bead's hole
  • Holding the two Lycra ends together, tie and over hand knot, creating a loop about the diameter of your wrist.
  • Adjust the knot placement as needed and trim the ends of the Lycra
  • Stitch the flower component on the ends of the Lycra using the  Fireline and 4 mm bead to secure. Knot the Fireline and trim the ends. The knot should now be hidden between the two rolled edges.
  • The Lycra remains stretchy even after being pulled, so the bracelet can easily be stretched over  your hand.


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