Friday, November 08, 2013

Update on the fading Fish Leather

About a month ago, we told you that we had noticed that some of the new fish leather seemed to have changed colour.

We thought we would try a test. We took a piece and wrapped half of it in light proof cardboard, sealed the edges with tape, and left it on a windowsill. The sun hasn't been particularly strong these past couple of weeks, but we thought we'd just check in. Here it is.

There does appear to be a faint difference from the left and the right side. (Where my finger is marks the border.) Thing is - the right side, the lighter side - was the side that was protected from the light. 

So - we have something that fades in the darkness.

More likely - the other side darkened - but the fact remains, that although the colour shift is subtle, it was only a month.

I would say that this product is not intended for heirloom pieces, although it is fine for items only intended for a single season's wear.



Anonymous said... it edible?? Yum!

dragonjools said...

Only in the "stuck on a desert island with nothing else to eat and no sign of rescue" sense ... ;-)