Sunday, November 10, 2013

InspirationFX: The Bright Side of Winter

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The Bright Side of Winter

by: Rochelle Kilmer
As winter looms ever closer, all I am doing is wishing for spring and warm weather outside.

For now I will have to make warm, spring jewellery to deal with the cold!!


Step 1: On the headpins put 1 3mm Jonquil bead, 1 Trumpet Flower and 1 leaf. You can mix it up putting 2 leaves or adding another jonquil bead or just leaves - However you want it. Do this for all of your flowers. I used all the leaves I had and all the 3mm Jonquil beads.

Step 2: Using the 1-Step looper, make the loops on each headpin. You may have to practice a bit with the looper, but it is my favourite tool!!!

Step 3: On a jumpring, I put 3-4 of the flowers on headpins to get a cluster effect. I placed one jumpring on each link of the chain starting in the middle. As I moved outward I would put 1 or 2 of the headpins on a jumpring and attach it to a link in the chain. I kept going until I was satisfied with the cluster of flowers.

Step 4: I had a few extra headpin flowers left over, so I attached one on a jumpring to the end of one chain for a bit of decoration at the clasp. I attached the clasp to the other side.

Step 5: With the other 2 flowers I had left, I just made a simple pair of earrings to go with my bountiful garden necklace.

Now you can bask in the warmth of Spring time jewellery in the cold winter weather!!

Overall length is about 20 inches, adjust just to suit your taste.



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