Sunday, November 17, 2013

InspirationFX: Puppy Paws

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Puppy Paws
by: Dwyn Tomlinson
We got these in because, well, I had to have them. Puppy paws. Generally - my clothing all has dog paw prints on it before I have worn it more than 10 minutes, so I might as well start out with paw prints, and have them all blingy to boot.

Apply the iron-on transfers with a dry iron, one at a time, at the highest temp you can (see chart here) and remember to just press - don't move the iron around. A sheet of paper or teflon baking sheet liner between the layer you are ironing onto and the layer of clothing below makes sure that you will not accidentally stick the front of the shirt to the back.

This makes a super thoughtful gift for a doggy friend. I arranged 5 of them in a "my dog walks on me" pattern, but even just a single paw print over the heart would be nice.



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