Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dare we say it?

Thanksgiving is done - well - here in Canada, where some of us are already getting frost on the ground. Heck - some of us have had snow already! We're way past harvest season now! Halloween is done. It's November. Dare we say it? Time to start thinking seriously about Christmas. 

Yes, before you know it, the holidays will be here, and so if you are planning on making gifts for your family and friends, it's time to knuckle down and get to it! Make a list, figure out what you need, think about how much time it will take, and where you are going to find that time, and how long you need to ship, if necessary, and then work backwards to when you need to start. Realize that you should have started in August, and go back and re-evaluate! Be Not Discouraged! We have lots of great ideas for projects that don't take a lot of time.

If you haven't already - check out our inspirations - 100s of absolutely free and original projects with detailed photos - just like if you could pick the item up have a good look at it so you can reproduce it! Or just use them as a starting point! And did you know, not only does each inspiration have links to the items used in the project (scroll down the project pages, way down!), but if you are browsing our site, and you see a bead or finding used in a project, there is a picture and a link to the project! (Hint - it is on the detail page). So you might be looking at this Ruby Boa leather or these 40 mm Ovals, and see that they are both used in two different projects!

s37730 Stone Beads - 30 mm Square - Turritella Agate (1)Speaking of inspiration - what do we have for you this week? Well - we have a new stone bead that I'm fairly certain you have never heard of before. This is Turritella Agate - and I know I hadn't heard of it! It is fossilized Turritella snails, from the warm, central sea that was in the middle of North America, some 40 million years ago. You can see them in every bead - spirally snail shells - so perfect it's almost unbelievable! Can you imagine it - 40 million years ago - warm planet, giant lizards and tiny mammals lolloping all over the place, and these snails thriving away - little realizing that one day - they would be immortalized in your jewelry!
s37627 Chain - 7.5 mm Couture Flat Round Chain - Matte Gold (Foot)

Also new this week, some new styles of chain! I was particularly taken with this flat round Matte Gold Couture Chain, (also in Gunmetal and Shiny Silver), but we also got some fun and funky coloured It's a Party chain - look for an s37621 Chain -  Oval Links - Its a Party (foot)inspiration featuring this at the end of the week!

s37738 Firepolish - 4 mm Faceted Windows - Turquoise Blue (strand 50)
New Firepolish glass too this week - in 4 mm and 6 mm - a faceted bead with a "window" polished onto s37761 Firepolish - 6 mm TwoWay Cut - Tangerine Azuro (strand 25)each side, making for a larger shiny area and our two-way cut bead, with two different faceting patterns. Lots of cool colours!
So click on a link or picture above, or go here for all the new stuff!

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