Thursday, November 14, 2013

Put the Petal to the Metal

s37804 Stamped Metal Components - 45 mm Sunflower Petals - Stainless Steel (1)
I'm beadin' at my table, just fast as I'm able,
I've got seven projects on my mind
Four are incompleted
Two won't be repeated,
s37806 Stamped Metal Components -  Deep Bell Flower - Stainless Steel (1)One is for a friend of mine
Make it beady, make it beeady, don't let the sound of your own beads make you crazy
We may lose, and we may win, though we will never be here again,
So open up that storage bin and make it beeeead-ay

These metal petals will make you want to rack 'em, stack 'em, and pack 'em. They are steel - non magnetic, they look like stainless, but, it is possible to patina them with the use of inks, coatings, or the application of a little science (check out the upcoming blog post).

34766963026001 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 30 mm Urban Drop (6696) - Bermuda Blue (1)These two photos say pretty much all you need to know about the new Urban 34766963025001 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 30 mm Urban Drop (6696) - Crystal Astral Pink (1)pendant from Swarovski. Big. Bold. Splash-of-Colour. Inspired by military dog-tags, this is kind of a masculine shape. Maybe go for a nice clean design - use one to ornament some Viking Knit, perhaps?

Getting bored with the metal colours? Looking for something new? How about Rose Gold? New Rose Gold coloured wire from Artistic Wire. Add some contrast to your wire wrapping - add a new colour!

74701014-35 Artistic Wire - 28 gauge Round Wire - Rose Gold (Spool)

So click on a link or picture above, or go here for all the new stuff!

More Changes in the Swarovski Department!
Hey - those big pendants are still on sale. But there's more happening in the Swarovski department.

On sale this week* - 25% off! Stone and Ceramic Cabochons! 25% off!
*(Sale runs Wed midnight to Wed midnight.)

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