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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Shelley Nybakke teaching RAW at BeadFX

Shelley Nybakke
Seedbeaders rejoice! Right Angle Weave guru Shelley Nybakke is sharing her expertise with us through three classes this coming August. Looking at Shelley's website (, her projects evoke glamour and style and vary from very relaxed to very structured. The projects we've chosen reflect her various styles, including two projects that are brand new for 2013.

About Shelley: Shelley Nybakke teaches a variety of classes, including her favorite, layered right-angle weave.  The very first weaving class she attended, she pretended she forgot an appointment and left early because she hated it so much and was fumbling around lost with even threading the needle.  After that setback, she purchased Carol Wilcox Wells’ book, Creative Bead Weaving, and hasn’t looked back.  So from making hundreds of memory wire bracelets to now teaching around the country, she really believes anything is possible.  Her motto is “A day without beads is hardly worth getting out of bed for.” Shelley can be contacted at, or via her web site,

Special Offer:
  • Take 1 class for $135 + HST
  • Take any 2 classes for $250 + HST (save $20)
  • Take all 3 classes for $360 + HST (save $45)
  • Deposits accepted (half of the cost of the class + HST), balance payable the date of the class.
Shelley's projects definitely not for beginners. Students must have experience doing single-needle right angle weave.

Join us for Shelley's classes:

Slow Hand Bracelet
Friday, August 9
10:00am - 5:00pm
Because I have always loved the song by the Pointer Sisters, (yes I am old), because I didn't get this sample done in time for the Bead & Button Show, and because somehow I got very very lucky and ended up with my very own man with a slow hand.  Actually two slow hands! Right Angle Weave.
Class fee: $135; Supply list on website

Steamy Windows
Saturday, August 10
10:00am - 5:00pm
This one reminded me of Stained Glass Windows.  But that is sort of a boring name for me and has probably been used numerous times already.  So Steamy Windows it is.  That name reminds me of my high school days and steamy times in a Chevy Super Sport.  And of course no one describes Steamy Windows better than Tina Turner. Layered Right Angle Weave.
Class fee: $135; Supply list on website

Diamonds in the Rough
Sunday, August 11
10:00am - 5:00pm
Who could ever say no to a diamond.  Of any kind?  Not me. A girl just can't have too many. I'm working on my collection.  But in my wise old age, I like diamonds made from Firepolish, Swarovski crystals, pearls.  Anything.  I've learned that a real diamond isn't all it is CRACKED up to be.
Class fee: $135; Supply list on website

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