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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Down by the Seeeeea!

Under the boardwalk
Down by the sea (oh yeah)
I'm on a blanket with my pearls,
That's where I'll be

s10860 Freshwater Pearls - 8 x 7 mm Off Round Pearl - Peach (strand)Ah yes - nothing like a big bunch of tasty pearls! And we have a lovely selection of fresh, juicy pearls for you today. Yes - we still have the sale on, and yes - we have new stuff! Now that is definitely a s12341 Freshwater Pearls - 9 mm Potato Pearl - Light Ivory White (strand)change!

s35587 Freshwater Pearls - 5 x 7 mm Oval Pearl - Natural Peach (strand)Most of these pearls are classic pearl colours. You got yer warm, peachy pink, and ya got yer classic light ivory. Whether you serve these up as the main course or as an appetizer - they are absolutely scrumptious!

s35585 Freshwater Pearls - 4 x 5 mm Rice Pearl - Platinum (strand)But maybe you like a pearl with a bit of drama? A darker pearl - a pearl s35589 Freshwater Pearls - 5 x 6 mm Oval Pearl - Bronzed Charcoal (strand)with a past! For you, we have choices like Bronzed Charcoal, and Platinum Rice.

Or maybe something very, very s35603 Freshwater Pearls - 8 x 6.5 mm Top Drill Bullet Pearl - Royal Blue (strand)untraditional? s35614 Freshwater Pearls - 6 mm Round Pearl - Lilac (strand)Like Royal Blue? Or Lilac? Only the most modern of molluscs make pearls like these!

And we have coin pearls! These look sooo amazing in a necklace - you just can't beat them! Each year, they are harder to find, and while they are sometimes they s35600 Freshwater Pearls - 12 mm Coin Pearl - White Pearl (strand)have a bit of "personality" (read: "a little irregular!") - they really s35602 Freshwater Pearls - 11 x 13.5 mm Flat Oval Pearl - Gold (strand)look great in necklace with some sterling silver and crystals! These 12 mm coin pearls are the best quality of the bunch - some are a little irregular - but some are glorious!

These gold pearls, while really more oval than round coin-shaped are not as smooth - but the colour is warm and sunny and happy. And - with snow blowing in the wind and two inches of ice on the path still - who couldn't use a little breath of summer warmth?
Stone the Donuts!

s35633 Stone - 35 mm Donut Pendant - Sky Blue Crazy Lace Agate (1)Cor' - stone the donuts if it isn't a "hole" flock of these! (A bevy of stone donuts?) We have some real beauties here too! Dainty (relatively speaking) 35 mm donuts in Sky Blue Crazy Lace, Purple Crazy Lace, and Fuchsia Crazy Lace.
In the ms35641 Stone - 50 mm Donut Pendant - TigerEye (1)ore substantial 50 mm donuts (2 inches that is!) - We have Tigereye, Red Creek Jasper, in both polished and matte finish!, also Picasso stone, (in matte and shiny), and Picture Jasper, which, I think I like better as a s35638 Stone - 40 mm Donut Pendant - Matt Picture Jasper (1)matte stone - it goes with the sandy-look of the stone.

So - if you haven't already dropped by the website this week - or even if you have! - click on a link or an image and check it out!

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