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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fishing for Compliments

75135101-09 Leather -  Second Skin Fish Leather - Suede Fuschia (1)
OK - I freely admit - my first reaction to the phrase "Fish Leather" was "You've got to be joking. Seriously?"

But there it was - a big pile of it, and the colours were pretty cool, so I figured that it wasn't fair to judge it without actually trying it.

So - first off - it absolutely does not smell or feel like fish. It does, in fact, smell 75135100-04 Leather -  Second Skin Fish Leather - Glossy Chocolate (1)and feel like leather. Really nice leather, actually. If no one had said "Fish Leather" - I'm not sure I would have guessed - well - other than the pieces are shaped somewhat like the side of a fish.

It's soft, supple, and quite strong. It doesn't have scales - where the scales are removed, you can see the prominent "scale pockets" - and that's what makes up the pattern on it.

This fish leather - think of it as the Mermaid's choice! - is made from farmed Brazilian Tilapia and is a by-product of the food-fish industry - those Tilapia steaks that you get at the restaurant? - well - this is them. The dyes are natural, vegetable dyes, and overall - this is a very eco-friendly product!

It comes in Suede and Glossy, and a rainbow of colours - some of which are sold out already! - and a single piece is big enough to make a very nice cuff bracelet - just glue it onto a brass bracelet base and you are good to go.

So - anyway - what with all the hot new leather products, this is worth looking at - Fish Leather. Much cooler than you would have thought. Give it a whirl!
34760280021001 Swarovski Elements - 8 mm Pendant Oval (6028) - Crystal Vitrail Light (1)
34760280045001 Swarovski Elements - 10 mm Pendant Oval (6028) - Crystal AB (1)

More of the new Swarovski Pendant Ovals coming in - now we have colors, and, of course, Crystal AB! 34760280070379 Swarovski Elements - 12 mm Pendant Oval (6028) - Indicolite (1)

s35714 Glass -  Micks Lips - Periwinkle (1)s35724 Glass Flowers - 9 x 5 mm Duckfoot Flowers - Canary (1)And we have more of the interesting pressed glass shapes that we started on last week. For instance - these party dress / bell shape flowers got the "lips like Jagger." And the duckfoot flowers, always popular - now come in a bright Canary Yellow and Apricot. Not often that you find a vivid yellow glass - but we're seeing more of it with the bright neon colours in the spring fashion trends.

s35737 Pressed Glass - 20 mm Flame Coins - Desert Blooms (1)s35751 Glass Daggers - 5 x 16 mm Dagger Beads - Dark Ivory (25)And we have some very funky pressed glass coins with interesting "carved" shapes on them, and these really quite wonderful "Ivory" daggers. Don't see much in this colour either, and I can't think why not, it's elegant and understated and truly classic!

So, lots of choices for new things to try, so click on a link or an image above, or just go here for all the wonderful new beads this week!

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